Your Contracting Accountancy Partner

At Clarity we have long and detailed experience of the pressure points freelance contractors face every day. Throughout the last 25 years we have been helping contractor and freelance businesses across Scotland take control of their finances.

From efficient tax savings to retirement planning, we have evolved the service we offer to answer every question you have about how to manage your business’s financial health.

When you become a Clarity partner you can expect:

1. One-to-one personal communication.

2. A depth of understanding of the contractor sector that is unrivalled.

3. Scotland based. We are not a satellite office of a larger but remote accountancy business. We are based in Scotland and ready to transform your business.

4. As your contracting business grows, we have all the additional services you will need.

5. Maximise your income with detailed tax and retirement planning.

6. Fixed fees. You are always in control of your accountancy costs.

The philosophy at Clarity is placing our clients’ financial health at the centre of all we do. We have helped many contractors take control of their financial wellbeing.

Our expertise and understanding of the contractor sector across Scotland enables us to deliver world-class financial services to your business every day.

Contact us today and see how you can transform your contracting fortune.

Tel: 0141 202 0741