Online Services

Online Accounting

All Clarity customers will be given login access to Xero Accounts, an award winning online accounting package designed to simplify the accounting compliance of small to medium enterprises.

Xero Accounts will allow you to raise your personally branded invoices online to your customer / agency, and to send them directly by email from Xero to your customer or agency. And you don’t even need to be sitting at home by your laptop, as Xero can be accessed directly from your mobile device (via the Clarity mobile app).

Clarity’s online accounting solution will enable you:

  • To never be late in issuing your invoices at the end of the working week, as you can do this direct from your mobile device if you wish
  • To upload all of your business bank transactions directly into the software, using direct bank feeds, so you will never need to send us your bank statements
  • To have constant, online access to your company’s state of affairs, including how much you have in the bank, how much you owe yourself, how much you owe the taxman etc.
  • To always have access to a snapshot of the current financial position of your company

Receipt Bank

Subscribers to our Platinum service will be given login access to Receipt Bank, our online expenses receipt and invoicing package, which removes the need to keep and file mounds of paper receipts and invoices.

Receipt Bank stores all such documents online for 7 years, and you are able to access them at any time to use as attachments to sales invoices you may be sending to your customer.


  • No more storing of paper receipts
  • Invoices received in pdf format can be emailed straight into the system
  • Invoices received in MS Word format can be saved as pdf and emailed straight into the system
  • Invoices or receipts received in paper format (travel tickets, store receipts etc.) can be photographed by your mobile device and uploaded straight to your online accounting system

All Receipt Bank activity is accessible from your mobile device, direct from our award-winning mobile app.

Virtual Cabinet

“Virtual Cabinet is a fully integrated document management system with audit trail to provide peace of mind for those wishing to control their paperwork and create a seamless, paperless office while adhering to standards for legal admissibility!”

Well that’s what their promotional literature says, and who are we to argue?

As a Clarity Platinum customer you will be provided with access to our online document storage portal, provided by Virtual Cabinet. This function will allow you access to:

  • A secure document store with many additional search facilities enabling your document to be found more easily
  • Access to all documents, letters etc. sent to us by you, or by us on your behalf
  • Disaster contingency ensuring all your documents are backed up and recoverable
  • A saving of 5% -15% of your time reading info, and UP to 50% searching for it!