Contract Work for Freelance Contractors in Scotland

Q. How do I find contract work?

A. The majority of contractors work via recruitment agencies. The best way to find out about available contract roles is via online job sites such as Jobserve and CWJobs. After you have been in the contracting world for a while, you should make the most of any networking opportunities, as other contractors can prove to be the best sources of new contracts.

Q. What rate should I charge?

A. The rate you can charge will depend on a number of factors such as the location of the role, the expertise required, and the general strength of the market. The more experience you have, and the more in-demand your skills are, the more you are likely to earn. You can get a rough idea of the average rates charged for various skills at sites like ITJobswatch and Jobstats. In harsher economic times, you are more likely to charge whatever a client is willing to pay.

Q. What about my CV?

A. You should create a professional contractor CV. Make it concise (just 1 or 2 pages ideally), with the relevant information at the very start of the CV – including your key skills and experience. Try the CV preparation guides at Contract Eye and Contractor UK for more information.