Financial Advice for Clarity Clients

We are pleased to recommend a wide variety of financial services to Clarity clients through our partnerships with appropriate financial advisers across a number of areas. Whether you’re looking to take out a mortgage, protect your income, or look into the best way to fund your retirement, Clarity will find you the appropriate professional to match your needs.

We understand the importance of our clients receiving fully impartial and quality advice from knowledgeable advisers. Therefore we only recommend firms who have attained Chartered Financial Planner status. As Chartered Financial Planners you can be assured the advice is coming from a reputable company who must adhere to the highest possible standards of advice and client care.

Areas we are often asked to assist our clients with include:-


Take advantage of special arrangements with lenders and save the time and hassle of finding a mortgage or re-mortgage that reflects your Contractor status. Read More.


Significantly reduce your tax and avoid NI payments by making payments into a pension plan. Pension payments also let you build a tax efficient nest egg for your future.

Savings & Investments:-

Understand the other types of savings vehicles that are available.

Income Protection:-

Maintain your income in the event that you are unable to work through illness or injury.

Life Cover & Critical Illness:-

Safeguard the future for your family with cover that will pay out in the event of your death or serious illness.


Pensions are an exceptionally tax efficient investment. Contributions you make to a pension will reduce the amount of income or corporation tax you pay. Therefore individuals can significantly lower their tax bill by making payments to a pension.

The recent budget announcements have made pensions a far more attractive investment due to the increased flexibility as well as improved death benefits. They are a useful inheritance tax planning tool and provide greater flexibility in retirement as there is no longer a requirement to purchase an annuity.

There can be uncertainty in deciding whether to fund pensions or ISAs, however recent studies have shown that a pension is now a tax wrapper worthy of consideration due to the increased flexibility. We have access to companies who have expertise in providing pre-retirement and at retirement planning to consider what income you can generate in retirement by forecasting any existing arrangements and looking at ongoing funding.

If you have existing pensions it is often worthwhile reviewing these. The charges levied on pensions have fallen significantly in recent years. It is important to ensure that any old pensions you have are not subject to overly high charges.

This is a very important exercise as it will enable you to understand the importance of having an ongoing review service to ensure your plan remains on course.

Pensions can be a useful tool if you wish to purchase commercial premises. It is very tax efficient way of owning a property and again we have experts to assist you if you wish to consider this option.

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Savings and Investments

ISAs have grown in popularity in recent years as they allow you to invest in a tax free environment and accrue funds which can then generate tax free income in retirement. Where possible you should make use of your ISA allowance each year.

Another important tax wrapper to consider is an offshore investment bond. The benefit of this wrapper is that tax is deferred until such times as the funds are brought back onshore. However under the present HMRC rules and regulations 5% of the original investment can be withdrawn every year for 20 years which is deemed to be a return of capital and therefore proves to be a very tax efficient way of supplementing your income at a future date.

Investments can also be held in trust which can be useful as part of an inheritance tax planning strategy. Again we can provide you with access to a firm of chartered financial planners who have great expertise in this area dealing with this type of business on a day to day basis.

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Income Protection

Income protection is often forgotten about in financial planning. This type of contract allows you to maintain a level of income in the event that you are unable to work through illness or injury. This is certainly a contract worthy of consideration if you are working as a contractor.

With such a plan income continues to be paid until you reach retirement age or return to work. We can provide further information on how these arrangements work and the potential cost.

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Life Cover

Life cover is relatively cheap at present due to the fact we are living longer. It does not cost much to safeguard the future of your family with life cover that will pay out in the event of your death.

Contractors can fund life insurance through the business with no income tax or benefit kind considerations by using a Relevant Life Policy. These contracts have grown in popularity over the last 5 years but many people are unaware of their existence.

If you have existing life cover in place it would be worthwhile reviewing this as it may be possible to set it up on a more tax efficient basis.

A critical illness plan can also be set up which would pay out on the diagnosis of a range of serious medical conditions lessening the impact on your family and existing lifestyle. This provides an additional level of protection.

We can provide further information and costings on such plans based on your requirements and circumstances.

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