Contractors Accountancy Services

Working as a contractor whether in the IT industry, engineering sector, telecommunications or any other discipline, is a massively rewarding career. However, the day-to-day running of your business can become a chore.

At Clarity we understand each of the key pressure points you and your business feels, so we have developed a range of services to remove these stresses to let you get on with running your contracting business across Scotland.

Running a contracting business in Scotland means becoming a jack of all trades, from company formation to tax and pensions, it can all become complex and expensive. This is why at Clarity we have simplified our services.

From just £79+VAT a month we will remove the day-to-day headache of running your business. This fixed-fee approach means you know precisely what your accountancy services are costing you, with no surprises!


As a contractor you understand your industry, so partnering with an accountancy service that also has vast experience of the various industry sectors across Scotland ensures your accountants speak your language.

For over 25 years Clarity has been supporting contractors across Scotland, as they develop their businesses into highly profitable enterprises.

Our offices are based in Scotland, which has allowed us to see first hand how the contracting sector has developed, and how contractors play an essential role in that success.

Joining Clarity will of course ensure your accounts are prepared and your business is tax efficient, but Clarity can also offer your contracting business:

  • Regular one-to-one meetings to discuss how you can further develop your business.
  • Vast in-depth knowledge of accountancy and business operations across the freelance industry in Scotland.
  • A partnership that will grow as your business does. When you need new services we can deliver these.

All contractor businesses in Scotland can benefit from detailed management of their financial affairs. While you are busy running your profitable contractor business, let Clarity take care of all the financial aspects of your enterprise.


Over the years we have been helping hundreds of contractor businesses become more profitable and efficient, one thing has always been at the centre of these relationships: trust.

Being in the contractor business means having to think about dozens of different things each day to ensure your business remains efficient.

At Clarity we have come to clearly understand that our clients want to partner with an accountant that not only understands their industry inside out, but that can be trusted to always place the wellbeing of their business first.

Choosing an accountant for the first time, or moving your business to a new accountancy service isn’t something to be taken lightly. Many of the businesses Clarity help every day trust us to look after the day-to-day chores of operating their contractor businesses, but to also offer timely advice about how their businesses could be improved.

Becoming a Clarity contractor means:

  • Having a dedicated partner to call upon when you need help and advice.
  • Transparent pricing for all of our services – you always know what you are paying.
  • Confidential connections – you can always be assured of complete security with your business’ financial affairs.

All of the contractors across Scotland that have come to us over the years were looking for an accountancy service they could trust. Clarity prides itself on a high calibre personal service.

Service, Communication, Partnership

Contractors that are looking for a reliable and cost effective accountancy service come to Clarity simply because we not only have a comprehensive set of services, but these are delivered reliably to every one of our partners day in and day out.

We take the headache out of running your contracting business. We know that considerations such as efficient tax and pension planning are important, but we also clearly understand that there is more to running your contracting business than day-to-day bookkeeping or salary payments.

Many of the contractors we have worked with for long periods of time tell us this is simply because we are always just a phone call away. Clarity isn’t an accountant you speak to once a year when your tax return is due for filing. Clarity is here to help with every aspect of your contracting business.

Scotland has a concentration of contractors, which has meant we have been able to evolve our services to meet the exacting needs of these businesses. Our fixed-fee approach is just one of the many personal services we offer to the businesses we consider partners and not just clients.

Contact us today and see how you can transform your contracting business.